We wake up every morning and, leaving sleep, our Consciousness reappears, helping us get a good start to our day.

SENSORY INTELLIGENCE enables us to get up without falling, have a shower at the right temperature, get dressed properly, get breakfast ready and enjoy it.

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE has us listen to birds, or to a humoristic press review or to a lively tune to get our day going.

INTUITIVE INTELLIGENCE sometimes surges up in a second of genius and solves the problem we got stuck with late in the night

RATIONAL INTELLIGENCE organizes the agenda of the day, considering its effects.

• Whereas, moved even so briefly by the beauty of a sunrise, TRANSCENDENT INTELLIGENCE recharges our batteries with this part of Infinity.

There lie, within our own Consciousness, Resources we have been using scarcely so far.

Dynamic Sophrology® helps us better understand and mobilize all these intelligences through a simple method, anyone can use.

Whether you are a beginner, an experienced or a professional user, this reference book will follow you along your practice of Sophrology.

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